The Media and Conflict Interchange is organised by Media Design and Technology and the Department of Peace Studies, within the University of Bradford. The event is open to the public too. This year (2016) the bulk of the screenings will be happening at The University of Bradford (in SC0.51 in Student Central) and will be concluded with a screening on the Thursday evening at The National Media Museum .

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See the schedule for details of screenings. No tickets are required for the University based events.  Tickets for each of the Eye in The Sky screening at The Media Museum however are available separately and should be booked directly with the National Media Museum. The event is open to all, including visitors from other universities, schools and so on.

Booking for Eye in the Sky (Thursday evening) can be done through the museum’s box office on 0844 856 3797 or for paying customers only, through their website at www.nationalmediamuseum.org.uk.

Why do we run this event?

This event is designed to explore the relationship between documentary and fiction films and conflict. This will be done by accompanying the film with talks from speakers who are expert in the topic or location represented by the film.


  • Explore through discussion, the impact of the film industry on audiences, and the relationships between film makers and their subjects.
  • Provide a forum for socially sensitive and constructive fiction and documentary films.
  • Appreciate the role of films in academia and explore the transfer of knowledge through the practical application of lessons learnt from peace and conflict movies.
  • Integrate knowledge, ideas and learning methodologies from across disciplines at the University and explore how students from across departments can benefit from each others’ skills and experience, alongside the interested public.
  • Provide an opportunity for the public to be involved in accessible University activities.

Important Information for University of Bradford Staff and Students:

As a student or staff member of the University, you must take your ID card to the reception at the Museum, and collect tickets for Eye in the Sky, in advance of the screenings, just as you would for a regular film. The only difference is, it’s FREE! You can also book your tickets by phone.  Tickets are not required for the screenings and talks happening at The University.