Media and Conflict Interchange – 2016 Schedule

The event this year is hosted at The University of Bradford’s Student Central. There will also be a Rotary Peace screening and panel at The National Media Museum which closes the event on the Thursday evening.

Week Beginning 17th October

Screenings and Workshops

(at The University of Bradford’s Student Central – SC0.51)

Mon 4 pm – The March (BBC 1990)

Introduced by Professor Paul Rogers and followed by a discussion.

Dir. David Wheatley, 100 mins (adv. 12A) 
Malick Bowens, Juliet Stevenson, Joseph Mydell, Dermot Crowley

An alarmingly prescient vision of the social impact of global warming. Several thousand North Africans migrate to Europe, only to find critical overpopulation there, and mounting racial and nationalistic tensions.  At the time of its production, this was the most expensive BBC made for TV movie of all time.  After it was screened it was overtaken by other world events at the time and its impact perhaps reduced.  It never received a DVD release and has never been repeated on the BBC.  Attending this screening is a rare opportunity to re-visit this important work.

The Swedish Theory of Love poster

Tuesday 4 pm – The Swedish Theory of Love (2015)

Followed by a talk from Dr Mark Goodall.

Internationally Sweden is seen as a perfect society, a raw model and a symbol of the highest achievements of human progress. The Swedish Theory of Love digs into the true nature of Swedish life style, explores the existential black holes of a society that has created the most autonomous people in the world.

The film will be introduced by Dr Mark Goodall. A Senior Lecturer at the University of Bradford, Mark is a specialist in cult and experimental films, including documentaries of the 60s and 70s. Mark will be speaking about the portrayal on film of free and liberated societies such as Sweden and extending the notion of conflict to the personal. Mark’s recent book, Gathering of the Tribe, about the role of the occult in music and culture through key albums is published by Headpress.

The Look of Silence poster

Wednesday 4 pm – The Look of Silence (2014)

Followed by a talk from from Professor Caroline Hughes.

Film synopsis on IMBD

Thursday 1 pm – Media and Conflict: Research Workshop

Presentations from current PhD researchers in this field followed by a panel discussion.

See full details here.

Eye in the Sky poster

Thursday 7:45 pm [At The National Media Museum] – Eye in the Sky (2015)

Followed by a panel discussion featuring Kyle Grayson from Newcastle University and Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, University of Hull.

Tickets are required for this screening, available from the National Media Museum. University of Bradford Students and Staff are entitled to a limited number of free tickets upon showing their student card.

Film synopsis on IMBD